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 Read below for more information and FAQ

Data API (Beta) Documentation

For reddit information:

To get the last 5 minutes data in json format make a request to the following links:

Percentage data: https://www.investordata.net/api/reddit/percentage/json/

Raw data: https://www.investordata.net/api/reddit/raw/json


We would like to hear what features you're looking for. Checkout the incoming features in the F.A.Q. and let us know which ones you're most interested in.
For any suggestions or comments contact me at soozzarsoftware@gmail.com or /u/soozzarsoftware


If you would like to donate to help with the costs of building, upgrading and hosting the website so I can keep running ad-free here are a few options:
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Ethereum: 0x73D0206234F57863E4019ED5DC275A7cF745890f

F. A. Q.

We are currently keeping track of the following subreddits:
  • /r/Cryptocurrency
  • /r/CryptoMarkets
  • /r/BitcoinMarkets
  • /r/CryptoTechnology
  • /r/AltCoin

The table is updated every 5 minutes with the data from all the comments and submissions in that time frame.

    We keep track of most top 20 coins in addition to the ones often discussed on reddit. Currently we are not keeping track of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or any coin that have variations in it's name, simply because at the moment the script cannot differentiate between a Bitcoin mention from a Bitcoin Cash mention. We will make it work in a later update.

If you see 'N/A' for any of the data, it means we have recently updated the script and therefore do not have enough data to complete that row. Check back later to see the data for that particular row.

There are many features currently in the works. These are a few:
  • You will be able to see detailed information about each cryptocurrency with an interactive graph
  • Plan on building a similar system for twitter and Google trends for building a detailed analysis on each cryptocurrency
  • Release an API so that the data can be easily downloaded in JSON format by programmers interested in data analysis or trading algorithms
  • Expand for a similar system with stocks in v2.0
Let us know which you're looking for the most and ideas you might have by contacting us or chatting in our discord channel located in the contact section.